Herbs: What I Believe


I do NOT consider herbal remedies to be "alternative medicine".  This path to wellness has been around since the beginning of time, and has been a proven and effective treatment for many ailments.  It is western medicine that I consider to be "alternative", and it has only been around since the 19th century.

What I Believe Herbs and Oils Can Do
I fully believe that herbs and essential oils can and will effectively treat all things that are often being treated with over the counter medicine.  Things like the symptoms from the common cold, flu symptoms, body ache and strains, headaches, sleeplessness, etc.  I believe that the unnecessary consumption of medicine, even those that are over the counter, does more harm than good in the long run.

I also believe that used properly, herbs and essential oils can treat infection, cuts that are slow to heal, inflammation, joint pain, muscle pain, etc.  The key is to use proper treatment.  

What I Believe Natural Medicine Should Not Be Used For
It isn't at all that I don't believe that herbs and essential oils can effectively treat even the most horrible of medical conditions, its just that I don't believe that it is wise to take a gamble with self diagnosing.  Medical professionals have the most advanced diagnostic capabilities, and I believe that a proper diagnosis is key.  

Sometimes You Just Need a Doctor
Both essential oils and herbs are antibacterial, but sometimes you just need an antibiotic.  While I think that they are extremely overused, they can be lifesaving in a number of situations.  

Also, see a doctor immediately for either serious injuries or medical emergencies. 

Working Together
Even with the most serious of medical diagnosis, herbal medicine can play an invaluable role alongside the medical professional.  Broken bones, heart attack, stroke, head injury, and other serious illness or injury are for the doctor first, but herbal medicine can then help with healing, relaxation, immunity boosts, speeding up the healing process, pain, and more.

It is important to share information between your doctor and herbalist.  

Finally, Do Not Take Any Medical Advice From a MLM Distributor
While their products may be good, albeit overpriced, multi marketing distributors are not trained professionals.