Getting A Good Night's Sleep

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For some, sleep comes easy, for others who can't sleep even when exhausted, it becomes a ritual of nightly torment.

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Here, you will discover a well laid out plan for achieving a good night's rest, and if you have children, you can teach them the same techniques.  Forming good sleep habits early is important physically and emotionally.

1.  Develop a nightly routine.  A nightly routine is one of the most important things that you can do from infancy on up for healthy sleep habits.  Make it pleasant by finding things to incorporate. nightly that you genuinely enjoy.  Try taking a warm bath and add a few drops of essential oil sleep blends like Goodnight or Happy Slumber, or try using a single oil like Frankincense or Lavender, incorporate a nightly ritual of reading a book (printed edition), work on a puzzle book, etc.  One of the most important thing to be mindful of in a well constructed sleep routine is the timing. Try your level best to turn in at a regular time, and rise at about the same time every morning. 

2. Ditch the afternoon coffee and cocktails.  Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake to before 2 pm.  While an nightcap can be tempting, and while it may make you feel initially more sleepy, coffee, black tea, and alcohol are actually stimulants that can fragment your sleep cycle as it is metabolized.

Alternatives: Find your herbal tea jam!  If you think that you don't like herbal tea, you may have just not found the ones that tempt your tastebuds.  There are literally millions of tea combinations, and some of them can not only not interrupt sleep, but assist with it.  Our Goodnight tea is one of our best sellers, and we have been told by a number of people who swore off herbal tea in the past that it is quite appealing. 

3. Blue light is not your friend.  We all want to take that last peek at social media, but for those who have difficulty sleeping, the light could make falling asleep much more difficult by suppressing your body’s melatonin. 

4.  Late night gnashing can keep you awake.  Not only does it stimulate your body, but it can also cause heartburn, especially when trying to lie down. 

What Essential Oils Can Do For Better Sleep

Remember that nightly routine that we talked about?  Take a shower with a little essential oil sprinkled in the bottom, or take a bath with a little added to the bath.  Ad an essential oil to a diffuser and relax with some music and a hot cup of herbal tea.  This will help calm your mind, as well as the mind of any children that you are preparing for a good night's rest.  Some essential oils that are a good choice for a good nightly send off are: 

  1. Goodnight Sleep Blend: This is our most powerful sleep blend. It contains the heavy hitter, Valerian. 
  2. Happy Slumber Sleep Blend: Happy Slumber is loaded with essential oil sleep goodies and nothing else! And, it's safe for children!
  3. Lavender: If you have ever tried an essential oil, chances are that Lavender is something that you have tried. The calming properties in Lavender make it a good choice for your tub before bed, as well as your diffuser through the night. Lavender is safe for use around children.  A word to the wise...If you have tried Lavender EO with no result but aren't sure that you had a pure essential oil, try ours!  Purity makes all the difference as to whether or not you will feel positive results. 
  4. Roman Chamomile: Roman Chamomile promotes relaxation and promotes good rest. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, this oil can also ease allergy symptoms.
  5. Sweet Marjoram: This little known oil excels at assisting with a good night's sleep and it pairs well with a variety of essential oils, so get your mix on and blend yourself up something sleepy-licious!

NOTE on Topical Use: If you have a horrible time of staying asleep, then a diffuser is the way to go if at all possible.  When you diffuse essential oils, you are getting a steady course throughout the night and are therefore more likely to stay asleep. If you aren't ready to go all in on a diffuser, however; you can use essential oils topically.  Applying EO's topically assists you in falling alseep, and can deliver a good restful sleep for those who are free of hardcore sleep issues.  Try Goodnight Roll-On or Happy Slumber Roll-On.