Treat Your Nose To Cocoa Rose


Cocoa Rose is our newest Scents with Benefits essential oil blend here at The Herbal Toad! A perfectly balanced mixture of the light sweetness of rose and the heavy indulgence of chocolate, this scent is a perfect fit for anyone wanting a sprinkle of serendipity in their life. But this savory blend is more than what meets the nose; Cocoa Rose has plenty of benefits for the mind and body.

Cocoa is a Stronghold for Womanly Contentment

Cocoa essential oil specializes in helping you find your happy place. Using cocoa in aromatherapy can center you on feeling of clarity and contentment, but also love, sex, and indulgence. 

Rose is a Pinnacle of Spiritual Oil

Rose is all about soul, making it pair very nicely with the clarity of cocoa. Sprit and Soul thrive under the influence of Rose.

Cocoa and Rose Both Help Skin Elasticity

So you will look younger wherever you apply it.

Perfect For Mom

Cocoa Rose Roll-On is here just in time for Mother's Day, so skip the box of chocolates and the bouquet of flowers, and give mom something she will enjoy for a long time, give her Cocoa Rose.

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