Misty Monday: Back to School

Rise and Shine Diffuser.png

Making this diffuser recipe a part of your morning routine as you transition back to your school day routine!

Lemon - has the ability to lift the spirits and is recommended for stress and fatigue.

Spearmint - has a stimulating action that can help to lift the spirits, relieve fatigue and aid concentration.  It can also help with digestive issues and headache.

Orange- is an uplifting oil that can be beneficial for anxiety, stress, and depression, and is beneficial for the immune system. It can also be helpful for digestive problems and cramps.


Blockade - For cleansing the environment of viruses, germs, and more.

Immune Kids - Boosts immunity to help prevent getting all this back to school illnesses.

Happy Slumber - Helps get a good night's rest without the drowsy feeling in the morning.

Attention or Focus - For teachers to diffuse during the school day, or for diffusing at home during homework and study.

The Herbal Toad wishes you a happy and healthy school year!