Essential Oils That Improve Focus

Essential Oils That Improve Focus

While so many parents and grandparents are navigating the path of homeschooling, we are taking a look at essential oils that can help improve focus.  As a mom who homeschooled her children through graduation, I know that it can be challenging, especially in these times when we are in the midst of quarantines, health scared, job instabilities, and a complete lifestyle overhaul. This is a trying time for us all, and we pray that you are fairing as well as possible.

When we’re looking at essential oils that can help increase focus, we’re first looking at essential oils that have properties that help calm the mind, reduce anxieties, and help us be less susceptible to distractions. But focus is more than just being able to avoid distractions.  It is also largely about creativity, efficiency, effectiveness, and problem-solving. 

Focus Essential Oil Blend

Focus is one of our most important tools for success and achievement in our lives, and a customer favorite to get that done is Focus. This child safe blend invigorates while increasing alertness, and the ability to focus. Focus essential oil is good for anyone, but is a top pick for ADD, ADHD. Focus is available in a Synergy BlendRoll-On, and Inhaler.

Calm Down Essential Oil Blend

Calm Down is an excellent tool for settling children down so that they are able to learn. It is a favorite for calming explosive energy in adults and hyperactivity in children. Calm Down is available in a Synergy BlendRoll-On, and Inhaler.


Attention Essential Oil Blend has a wonderful calming, balancing effect that helps get your mind in focus. Wonderful for those with ADD or ADHD. Attention is available in a Synergy BlendRoll-On, and Inhaler.


Vetiver essential oil research has shown to calm and balance the nervous system while focusing the mind and stimulating the circulatory system. In a frequently-cited study by Terry S. Friedmann on the effect of essential oils on ADHD, Friedmann saw significant performance in vetiver improving focus, brain activity, and reducing symptoms of ADHD.  (Buy Vetiver Essential Oil)


Lavender has been shown to be a powerhouse with properties that have relaxing benefits which decreases blood pressure and heart rate. In a study where participants were exposed to diffused lavender essential oil, subjects also reported feeling more fresher and relaxed than the control group.  (Buy Lavender Essential Oil)

Frankincence Serrata

Frankincense is one of the most cherished multi-beneficial essential oils in existence. Frankincense has recently become even more popular due to studies that show the positive effects of Frankincense essential oil for calming and clearing the mind.  (Buy Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil)


Lemon essential oil has been shown in studies to help improve focus by increasing levels of attention, memory, sustained focus, and even work accuracy.  (Buy Lemon Essential Oil)


In studies, 1,8-cineole (a powerful constituent in Rosemary essential oil) has been shown to improve cognitive performance and mood by increasing cerebral blood flow and by providing hypotensive properties.  (Buy Rosemary Essential Oil)


Peppermint essential Oil has been shown to enhance focus, alertness, and overall concentration. In one study, researchers found that the aromatherapy benefits of peppermint increased the rate of signal detections in tasks that required focus for prolonged periods of time.  (Buy Peppermint Essential Oil)

22nd Mar 2020 THT Steph

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