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Meet Rosie's All Purpose Seasoning for Pups

Meet Rosie's All Purpose Seasoning for Pups

We created this blend of dog greens when our dog, Rosie, was in desperate need of digestive help. Since them, Rosie's All Purpose Seasoning for Pups has helped her and many other canine family members of our customers. Now we are sharing the formula in our online store.

When giving herbs to your dog for the first time, start with a small amount, just a fraction of a pinch. Most small dogs do well to work up to a pinch, while most large dogs do well to work up to a measured teaspoon per day.*


Parsley Health Benefits for Dogs

  • Parsley freshens your dog's breath with anti-microbial properties, which help to prevent germs and bacteria from taking over your dog’s mouth.
  • Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent a wide number of illnesses and can be especially beneficial to dogs with bone and joint pain.
  • The antiseptic properties of parsley can be helpful in fighting urinary tract infections, and on its own can be used as a poultice for bee stings.

Peppermint Health Benefits for Dogs

  • Peppermint is extremely helpful in freshening your dog’s breath.
  • Peppermint can also be used for treating nausea, flatulence, motion sickness, and other stomach upset in dogs.

Oregano Health Benefits for Dogs

  • Oregano is rich in fiber.
  • Oregano is one of our favorite herbs to prevent and treat illness because it is high in antioxidants providing amazing immune system support.
  • Oregano contains anti-fungal properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Oregano can soothe sore muscles and relieve upset stomachs when the leaves are ingested in small amounts.

Basil Health Benefits for Dogs

  • Basil is well-known for its antioxidant properties.
  • Basil is antiviral and antimicrobial, making it a healthful choice for keeping your pup healthy. 

Rosemary Health Benefits for Dogs

  • Rosemary is another antioxidant herb, which naturally neutralizes free radicals.
  • Rosemary contains antimicrobial properties and can be used for infections in the mouth, as well as urinary and digestive tract infections.
  • Rosemary aids digestion, alleviating stomach upset, nausea, and flatulence.
  • Rosemary is beneficial in helping to repel insects, including fleas and ticks. 


*While these herbs are not toxic to dogs, The Herbal Toad cannot guarantee that your dog won't have a reaction or become sick. All dogs are different, and it’s up to your discretion to know your dog, use in moderation, and seek advise from your veterinarian before adding anything new to your dog's regular diet. DO NOT GIVE TO CATS

27th May 2022 THT Steph

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