Spearmint Leaf C/S

Spearmint Leaf C/S


1 oz

LATIN NAME: Mentha spicata
COMMON NAMES: spearmint / garden mint / lamb mint / sage of Bethlehem / Lady's mint
FAMILY: Lamiaceae
PARTS USED: leaves

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Spearmint has much the same properties as peppermint, but is milder and good for use with children's complaints. Spearmint tea will relieve hiccough, flatulence as well as indigestion. Sweetened spearmint herb tea is an excellent remedy to use in case of colds, congestion, or just as a pleasant beverage.

Spearmint Uses

Analgesic Antifungal * Antioxidant * Aromatic * Astringent * Carminative* Digestive * Diuretic * Expectorant * Febrifuge * Insect repellents * Mental Clarity * Mood* Nervine * Refresh * Refrigerant * Stimulant

  • nausea

  • cold symptoms

  • stomach distress

  • headaches

  • indigestion

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • gall bladder problems

  • sore throats

  • toothaches

  • headaches

  • local pain killer

  • antispasmodic medication for cramps


Spearmint makes an excellent herb tea, and can be served both hot or cold. The essential oil is used mainly in aromatherapy diffusers and sprays for its uplifting scent.


General:  We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.