Herbs and Spice FAQs

My order just arrived. Why do your spice jars have a “packaged on” date, instead of an expiry date?

Our herbs are ground in small batches to provide you with the freshest, most flavorful, and healthful herbs and spices possible. This process works because most whole spice seeds retain their optimum flavor for 1 to 3 years, but once ground, the essential oils in the spice are released, and the flavor dissipates more quickly. The more freshly ground the spice, the more vibrant it will be in flavor, color, and aroma. 

We put our “packaged on” date on our jars, so you know when they were freshly assembled. Refill bags are filled to order.  You’ll find the varying guidelines for optimum flavor of a specific spice or herb on its product page in the 'How to Use" tab.

What size are your containers?

Our spice jars are dark amber glasswork and come in either 1/2-cup size, which measures 2.4: wide and 2.75: high; or a 1 cup size, which measures 2.75" wide by 3.7" high. Please read each herb description to know what size your are ordering.  Each herb and spice has it's own weight, depending on the density of the plant, but each jar holds approximately a cup.  Refills re available.

Do you have shaker tops for your jars?

We have made the choice not to offer our herbs and spices in shaker style containers.  Our wide mouth jars make it easy to scoop, pinch, or measure. They are big enough to easily use a standard size tablespoon.  Shaking herbs and spices over a steaming pot slows moisture to come in contact with the herbs, which compromise the quality of herb, and make a sticky mess out of the lid.  For this reason, we recommend that you pinch and sprinkle, rather than shake.

Are your spices gluten-free?

Spices are naturally gluten-free, however we are a plant based company that never cross-contaminates like some larger companies do during production or transit. 

Are there any fillers in your herbs or spices?

No. Unlike many herb and spice companies, we never add fillers or artificial anti-caking agents. If any of our powder type herbs appear to clump together, just give them a little stir. 

I see that your herbs are sustainable. What else are you doing to help

We recognize that some herbs and spices are being over harvested, and for that reason, we use sustainably grown organic herbs and spices, but we go one step further.  Our goal is always to be environmentally responsible. Every piece of our packaging is recyclable. Our bags, boxes and printed pieces are on stock that is recycled, and our packing peanuts are biodegradable.  The Herbal Toad's herbs and spice containers come in reusable glass jars with refillable options.

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