Cocoa, Rose, & Honey Cleansing Granules

Cocoa, Rose, & Honey Cleansing Granules


Cleansing granules are a wonderful way to gently clean and exfoliate the gentle skin on your face… and without those horrible beads that clog up our beautiful ocean ways. Our special blend of Cocoa, Rose, & Honey contains exfoliating enzymes that don’t disrupt sensitive skin, is antimicrobial, contains powerful antioxidants, heals damaged skin, detoxifies, and is wonderfully moisturizing. Plus, it’s good for all skin types.

Use: Sprinkle a small amount on damp palm, mix with finger, and use as face wash or leave on as a face mask and rinse with tap water.

Ingredients: Organic: raw cocoa powder, rose petals, honey granules, bentonite clay, and pure rose essential oil

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