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  • Holy Basil Tulsi Tincture Holy Basil Tulsi Tincture

    Holy Basil Tulsi Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $22.00 - $36.00
    Holy Basil, otherwise known as Tulsi, is a member of the mint family. Holy Basil has been used for thousands of years by natural healers, and it is still a popular choice today for those well versed in herbal alternatives.  Holy Basil is an...
  • Jasmine Absolute Jasmine Absolute

    Jasmine Absolute

    the herbal toad

    Jasmine absolute is one of the most versatile of the absolute family. Jasmine absolute has relaxing and warming properties. It is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Jasmine absolute has a deep, musky, rich and warm floral aroma.  Traditionally, Jasmine...
  • Kava Tincture Kava Tincture

    Kava Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $24.95 - $39.95
    Kava comes from the Pacific Islands, where people have used it for centuries.  Kava is known to be a potent anxiety reliever, and a non-alcoholic way to wind down at the end of the day, especially if you’re working late or you have trouble...
  • Kids Love Tea Too - Sweet Dreams Kids Love Tea Too - Sweet Dreams

    Kids Love Tea Too - Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea is a part of the 'Kids Love Tea Too' collection of herbal teas. Sweet Dreams is safe for all ages. The herbs have been chosen in combination to help settle over stimulation, a busy mind, and restlessness.  To slowly...
  • Lavender Flower Lavender Flower

    Lavender Flower


    Lavender is a favorite among herb enthusiasts, and for good reason. It is one of the safest herbs in existence, and has a multitude of benefits including relaxation and sleep. * Lavender can be easily incorporated into the everyday. Our culinary grade...
  • Lavender Roll-On Lavender Roll-On

    Lavender Roll-On


    Cherished for its soothing properties, Lavender is a highly relaxing aroma presents a medium-strength floral, herbaceous, sweet, and slightly woody aroma. Lavender Roll-On can be applied topically to relax the mind and body, promote restful sleep,...
  • Lemon Balm Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm

    $8.95 - $12.95
    Lemonbalm has been traditionally used for spepsia associated with anxiety and/or a depressive mood. It is indicated for someone with symptoms typical of hyperthyroidism (inhibits TSH binding to receptors): anxiety, restlessness, palpitations,...
  • Lemon Balm Tincture Lemon Balm Tincture

    Lemon Balm Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $22.00 - $36.00
    Lemon Balm, otherwise known as Melissa, is a member of the mint family. Dubbed the "Elixir of Life" by the Swiss physician and alchemist, Paracelsus, Lemon Balm is a true balm for the body, mind, and spirit, and has been used for generations...
  • Maca Root Extract Maca Root Extract

    Maca Root Extract

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Our Premium Maca is tri-color maca root which is a powerful combination of red, black, and yellow Maca root powders offering a potent form of Maca. the root is a multifaceted herb that works well with many conditions, and our favorite among them is its...
  • Mama Balance Tincture Mama Balance Tincture

    Mama Balance Tincture


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Hormonal fluctuations are a part of every woman's birth story, and for many women, this can be a challenge. In the first 6-8 weeks after birth as the body transitions from pregnancy into motherhood are usually the most difficult, but this trying time can...
  • Moringa Tulsi Restorative Tea Moringa Tulsi Restorative Tea

    Moringa Tulsi Restorative Tea

    the herbal toad

    Moringa Restorative Tea is one of our most versatile blends yet! It has been masterfully blended with ingredients that have a multitude of benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. We start with Moringa, known as 'The Miracle Tree", and for good...
  • Neroli Neroli


    Neroli is a vibrant floral essential oil that comes from orange blossoms found in Egypt. It is one of the most comforting and effective essential oils for grief, nervous tension, or exhaustion. Neroli is often used in skincare preparations to promote a...

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