Frankincense Carteri

Frankincense Carteri


Frankincense Carteri, like the other Frankincense Essential Oils, has a great number of uses and versatility.

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Uses: Frankincense Carteri helps heal burns and wounds, encourages cell regeneration, reduces scarring, minimizes stretch marks, assists in wound healing, nourishes dry and prematurely aging skin, stimulates the immune system, encourages deeper  and fuller breathing patterns, aids in the expulsion of mucous, relaxes and soothes muscles, increases absorption in the intestines, assists the body's natural eliminatory response, helps maintain kidney action, detoxifies the body, promotes and regulates menstruation, strengthens the uterus, lessens anxiety, promotes sleep, and creates feelings of euphoria.

Medicinal Properties: analgesic, antimicrobial, astringent, diuretic, expectorant,

May Be Substituted For: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Lavender, or Vetiver

Methods: Aromatically, internally short term and ONLY as directed by an aromatherapist, topically. (see safety profile tab)

Comments from GC/MS report: An excellent dry, chalky-lemony Frankincense oil, with no red flags, and a wonderful unusually high (1.5%) content of heavy molecules.


Botanical Name: Boswellia carteri (aka Boswellia sacra)

Country of Origin: Somalia

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from gum resin

Aroma: Fresh, fruity, herbaceous, spicy, sweet, woodsy,

Blends well with: Bergamot, Cedarwood Atlas, Clary Sage, Coriander Seed, Jasmine, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Orange Sweet, Pine, Sandalwood, Spruce and Vetiver.


If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken skin or on abrasions. Do not use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aromatherapist or physician.

Dilution: We recommend a maximum dilution of 2% for topical applications.

Specific Precautions: None Known

Pregnancy Safe: YES

Child Safe: YES


Dry Hands Night Oil

4 drops Orange

3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Sandalwoods

3 tablespoons carrier oil

Before bed, apply mixture generously over hands, and thoroughly massage in. Put on 100% cotton gloves and wear overnight.

Magi Diffuser Blend

20 drops Orange

10 drops Frankincense

10 drops Myrrh

10 drops Cedarwood

Add oils to a 5 ml dark colored glass bottle and mix well by rolling the bottle in between your hands. Add a few drops to your diffuser according to size.