Flatter Spray

Flatter Spray

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Starch-Free Smoothing Spray.  Flatter protects fabric to reduce and resist wrinkles.  This smooth operator leaves fabric sleek, soft, and static-free.  Flatter makes ironing easier.

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Fine Mist Sprayer - provides an even distribution of product with every spray.  Product lasts longer than ordinary sprays.  No flaking, clogging, or residue, no matter how much you spray.

Environmentally Friendly - Flatter is made with plant derived and renewable ingredients.  Plus, the mild formulation is easy on sensitive skin, and won't harm the environment.  It is biodegradable, phosphate-free, and dye free.

Modern Fragrance - fresh, clean fragrance for an enjoyable ironing experience.


  • Use steam or dry iron to recommended fabric settings.  Spray entire garment evenly, repeat as needed for desired stiffness.
  • Use to freshen fabrics between washings, or spray to reduce and help resist wrinkles.
  • Knitters can use Flatter to spray block.
  • Spray on garments for anti-static properties.

Generation Q Magazine says that Flatter by Soak is the winner in their starch and sizing product review.

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