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For thousands of years, traditional herbalists have used plant chemistry to stimulate desire, arousal, sexual performance, and sensitivity. Discover their ancient love-making secrets.

Lack of libido is a symptom of something else going on. Whether it's stress in the workplace, at home, or both, the life of a modern woman takes a toll on our bodies. These stresses cause our female hormones to go out of balance, which leaves us:

  • feeling worn out and exhausted

  • with uncontrollable food cravings,

  • not feeling as "in the mood" as we used to.

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Venus contains no chemicals, synthetics or stimulants. It isn’t like any "libido booster" that a man might use. Most male enhancement supplements work by increasing blood flow to sexual organs. We all know a woman's body isn't that simple. Venus does increase blood flow, but it also aids in restoring a healthy hormonal balance, so increased libido and more satisfying love-making come naturally.

The Herbal Toad's Venus proprietary blend contains herbs that support a woman's body to:

  • maintain balanced energy through stressful days

  • maintain a better mood

  • improve memory

  • boost sexual appetite

  • achieve orgasms and/or increase their intensity

  • have a more satisfying love life

Take with Moon Time if you are experiencing PMS symptoms, take with Harvest Moon if you are experiencing symptoms of menopause, or take alone. Venus can be taken daily or repeated every 15 minutes when needed in the moment.

Organic: ginkgo leaf, damiana, horney goat weed, wild yam root, tribulus fruit, cinnamon bark; steeped in organic grain alcohol.

We use only the highest quality herbs that are certified organic, holistically wild crafted, and/or locally grown. Our herbs are tinctured in organic alcohol and fresh mountain water (free from harsh chemicals and fluoride treatments). This combination acts as a carrier, bringing the needed remedy straight to the blood stream to work fast and effectively. Tinctures are absorbed in the mouth and stomach and bypass the slower intestinal system which may or may not absorb the needed constituents of capsules. We hand make these wonderful herbal preparations in small batches. Tinctures are poured off into dark glass bottles creating a great product with an optimally long shelf life.