• Cleaning Set

    You will love the way that your house smells after you clean with our DIY essential oil Cleaning Set.  We have chosen the oils for this set for their clean smell, and for their cleaning and...
  • Honeybush Tea

    Honeybush Tea

    Choose 15 Bags, or Appr. 2 Cups Loose The Herbal Toad's Organic Honeybush Tea contains just one ingredient, the South African herb Cyclopia intermedia.  Its mahogany brown leaf...
  • Candida Calm Roll-On

    Candida Calm Roll-On

    $12.00 - $32.00
    Benefits of Candida Calm Essential Oil Roll-On Typically, the healthy bacteria in your body keep Candida levels under control. However, if healthy bacteria levels are disrupted or the...
  • Candida Calm Tincture

    Candida Calm Tincture

    Many people are struggling with yeast overgrowth and other gut health issues. Fight yeast and bring gut flora back into balance with Candida Calm Tincture!  Candida Calm Herbal Tincture is...