Addiction Breaker

    2 fl oz Addiction Breaker Flower Essence Blend is a combination of flower essences that offer self-nurturance and emotional support when trying to break the cycle of addictive behavior.  Each...
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    Rapid Response

    2 fl oz A combination of five English flower essences first developed by Dr. Edward Bach, promoting calm and balance in diverse situations of stress, emergency, and trauma. The formula of five...
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    Environs Support

    2 fl oz Environs Support Flower Essence Blend is a highly beneficial blend of flower essences and plant tinctures in a sea salt base. Its purpose is to strengthen and protect against toxic...
  • Pu'erh White Tea

    Pu'erh White Tea

    The Herbal Toad's Organic Pu'erh White Tea is made from the delicate white buds from old Yunnan Pu’erh trees. The leaves are fermented in the traditional style, but only using...