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How To Use Tinctures

-> Printable "What You Should Know About Tinctures" Sheet


All of our tinctures are dosed using "squeezes". The dropper top (the thing that you squeeze) is the same size, regardless of the size bottle or the length of the pipette. This means that when taking our tinctures, it is not necessary to fill the pipette. Every herb is unique and dosages vary accordingly, but there are some general guidelines that can be very helpful. Extract dosages can be measured in drops, squeeze (dropper fulls), milliliters (ml.), or teaspoons. A squeeze is about 20-30 drops, or 1ml. A teaspoon is roughly equivalent to 5ml. The most commonly used dose for tinctures is 20-40 drops or 1-2 squeezes. In general, the more acute a condition, the more frequent the doses. Safe dosage ranges are fairly broad with most, but not all, herbs. We highly recommend that you use a good herbal reference and become familiar with the individual characteristics of the herbs you are using.


Most of our tinctures should be taken away from food, either half an hour before eating or 2 hours or more after eating, for optimal absorption. There are certain circumstances where this is different, as with Digestive Bitters which needs to be taken around meal times.


While taking tinctures directly under the tongue delivers the herbs quickly to the bloodstream, most formulas can be diluted in common drinks to improve taste without compromising the effect. Adding the other tinctures to water, tea or juice. but while diluting most formulas in common drinks can improve taste, and will not compromise the formula's effect.

You may also put the tincture into a cup of warm or hot water for an instant cup of herbal tea. Heat your water first, before adding the herbs. Heating the herbs in a microwave may kill or weaken their healthful benefits. It may be flavored with lemon or honey to disguise the taste. Never give honey to a child under one year of age.

Digestive Bitters are an exception, as the bitters rely on the taste buds to release digestive enzymes. Digestive Bitters, in order to receive the full effect, therefore, should be taken straight, or with as little water as personally possible.


It is safe for children to take many of our general wellness tinctures, however we recommend consulting with your own licensed herbalist or your child’s pediatrician first. Our recommended dosage is 1/8 dose for children 2-5 and ¼ dose for older children, unless otherwise stated on the bottle.


Our tinctures have a naturally optimal long shelf life, and can be stored in a cupboard or pantry. They do not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept away from high temperatures in order to not lose any of their medicinal properties.

-> Printable "What You Should Know About Tinctures" Sheet

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