How To Use Tinctures

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Why The Herbal Toad Tincture?

Each ingredient in our artisanal tinctures is carefully chosen to work well together based on their unique constituents and actions rather than by any single isolated component. The result is powerfully effective tinctures that promote optimal health. 
We use only the highest quality herbs that are certified organic, or holistically wild crafted. We use organic grain alcohol and filtered water, free from harsh chemicals. This combination acts as a carrier, bringing the needed remedy straight to the blood stream to work fast and effectively. Tinctures are absorbed in the mouth and stomach and bypass the slower intestinal system which may not absorb the needed constituents of capsules.

Why Tinctures Over Other Methods?

  • Tinctures and Extracts are the most suitable delivery format for the majority of herbs.
  • They are as old as medicine itself, and have been consumed for thousands of years.
  • Super concentrated by using a natural raw method of extractions that collects a wider range of natural healing substances than other extraction options like tea, decoction, and infusions.
  • Naturally shelf stable (read remainder of section for more information).
  • Tinctures are customizable because they are liquid, and therefore can be taken according to what is right for you, whereas other methods are less flexible. 
  • Easy for the body to assimilate, especially in comparison to capsules or tablets.
  • Retain their potency much longer than bulk herbs. Properly made and stored, they have a shelf life of a minimum of 5 years.
  • Tinctures are convenient! They can be easily carried, are instantly ready to use. They do not require a refrigerator. You don't need to wait for boiling water or steeping tea.


All of our tinctures are dosed using "squeezes". The dropper top (the thing that you squeeze) is the same size, regardless of the size bottle or the length of the pipette. This means that when taking our tinctures, it is not necessary to fill the pipette. Every herb is unique and dosages vary accordingly, but there are some general guidelines that can be very helpful. Extract dosages can be measured in drops, squeeze (dropper fulls), milliliters (ml.), or teaspoons. A squeeze is about 25-30 drops, or 1ml. A teaspoon is roughly equivalent to 5ml. The most commonly used dose for tinctures is 20-40 drops or 1-2 squeezes. In general, the more acute a condition, the more frequent the doses. Safe dosage ranges are fairly broad with most, but not all, herbs. We highly recommend that you use a good herbal reference and become familiar with the individual characteristics of the herbs you are using.


Most of our tinctures should be taken away from food, either half an hour before eating or 1 hour or more after eating, for optimal absorption. There are certain circumstances where this is different, as with Digestive Bitters which needs to be taken around meal times.

What Does 'As Needed' Mean?

We are all unique and herbs can work differently for different people. The usage instructions on the label are written to be applicable to a general population. However, that doesn't mean they are optimum for you and the discomforts you are experiencing (small vs. large body types for example). "As needed" means you should take the amount listed at a needed frequency until you feel the desired effect (paying attention to any maximum or frequency limitations listed on both the bottle and the product page). It is best to limit yourself to 3-4 doses per day for any tincture until you are aware of how your body responds to the herbal remedy.

Delivery Methods

While taking tinctures directly under the tongue delivers the herbs quickly to the bloodstream, this technique should only be used when in need infrequent immediate action. Our tincture formulas are a powerful concentrated form of herbs, and can cause irritation to the delicate area under the tongue when taken directly under the tongue on a regular basis. Most formulas can be diluted in common drinks to improve taste without compromising the effect. Adding the several tinctures to the same water, tea or juice is an effective way to take more than one tincture at a time.

You may also put the tincture into a cup of warm or hot water for an instant cup of herbal tea. Heat your water first, before adding the herbs. Heating the herbs in a microwave may kill or weaken their healthful benefits. It may be flavored with lemon or honey to disguise the taste. Never give honey to a child under one year of age.

Recommended Frequency Methods

Recommended Frequency Methods help you to know how to use a tincture effectively. Each tincture page has a 'Recommended Frequency Method' listed under the 'Details' tab. Not all three methods are appropriate for all formulas. Please follow the instructions under 'Details' on the product’s web page for the recommended frequency for that formula and choose the method that is right for you, or follow the directions on the back of the bottle.

Recommended Frequency Method #1 - Volume

Herbs can work within 5 minutes to impact symptoms! To achieve in-the-moment results, take one serving (see label for serving size). Serving may need to be repeated 1-3x for full relief. See individual product page for maximum daily servings. Think ‘enough volume to get the job done’. Volume needs differ from person to person based on their constitution and the issue at hand.

Recommended Frequency Method #2 - Repetition

Take one serving (see label for serving size) every 1-3 hours for a day or two then taper off to every 3-4 hours a day as symptoms improve, up to 5 consecutive days or as practitioner recommended. See individual product label for max daily servings. Persistent frequency supports the body’s optimal response to a stressor.

Recommended Frequency Method #3 - Consistency

Take one serving (see label for serving size) 2-4x a day as needed for ongoing support. Length of use depends on individual needs and formula choice. Consult with a practitioner before using a tonic beyond recommended use guidelines.  Consistency dosage, also known as a tonic, is about promoting optimal health through deep, nutritive support over time. When "Frequency Method #3" is indicated, it is considered safe as a tonic, and can be taken long term. Appropriate length is unique to each individual and their health goals. Consult with your practitioner to figure out what is right for you.


It is safe for children to take many of our general wellness tinctures, however we recommend paying attention to the 'Details' tab for child safety information, as well as consulting with your own licensed herbalist or your child’s pediatrician first. Our recommended dosage is ¼ dose for children 2-5, ½ dose for children 6-9, and ¾ dose for older children, unless otherwise stated on the product page. Remember, each child is unique, and we suggest inquiring of your licensed herbalist or other healthcare practitioner before undergoing any changes to your child's routine.


Our tinctures have a naturally optimal long shelf life, and can be stored in a cupboard or pantry. They do not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept away from high temperatures in order to not lose any of their medicinal properties. In order to maintain quality, DO NOT touch the pipette to the inside of the mouth. Over time, this may contaminate your product and make it less shelf stable.

-> Printable "What You Should Know About Tinctures" Sheet