Benefits and Technique for Gua Sha Facial

Benefits and Technique for Gua Sha Facial

What is Facial Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a traditional healing technique of East Asian medicine. Sometimes called ‘coining, spooning or scraping.  For our purposes today, we will be talking about a gentler version of gua sha that uses lighter, gentler strokes, which have multiple anti-aging benefits as well as health benefits. Body gua sha deserves its own blog post, so we will cover that at a later date.

DIY gua sha facials may be slightly more involved than using a cold jade roller but the results are worth it. Just remember, don’t be so quick to trust a cursory online search for “gua sha” or “gua sha tool,” because there’s so much more to this healing ancient practice than first meets the eye.

Results after one gua sha home treatment

Benefits of Facial Gua Sha

  • Release Toxins - gua sha breaks down stagnation and releases toxins.
  • Lymphatic Function - One of the biggest health benefits of gua sha is how effective it can be to getting lymphs moving. There are a number of health benefits to getting the lymphs to circulate freely, including healthier skin and immune system. 
  • Puffiness - one reason for puffiness in the face is fluid retention, caused by poor lymphatic function. Correcting this is key to reducing puffiness while rejuvenating skin cells and helping the skin to feel refreshed. In other words, this is one of the pathways to a healthier glow.
  • Reduces Inflammation - Inflammation is caused by a poor diet, too much alcohol, illness, and the one thing that makes it hard to reduce inflammation, lack of movement. This is why many people have puffy eyes in the morning. With gentle pressure, in the correct directions, facial gua sha encourage the lymphatic fluid to move along its pathways and drain into the body. 
  • Toning- Because of the increased circulation, the skin will be brighter and more toned.
  • Reduces Wrinkles - Gua Sha reduces wrinkles when the lymphs are moved, circulation is increased, and the underlying tissue is smoothed.
  • Eases Facial Muscle Tension - I liken this to a natural alternative to botox.How to Do a Gua Sha Facial

Gua Sha Instructions

You will need:

Jade Gua Sha Tool- A guan sha made of pure Jade is a cooling and cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body's filtration organs and lymph system to expel toxins.

Face Mist- The Herbal Toad's Facial Mist contains a number of beneficial, nutritive, and anti-aging ingredients to hydrate your skin.

Face Oil- The Herbal Toad's Anti-Age Serum is full of time tested ingredients that increase elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and patchy pigmentation, and provides the right amount of slip for a gua sha facial, without being greasy.

The Steps

1. Start with exceptionally clean skin.

2. Prep the face by misting with The Herbal Toad's Rose/Geranium Mist- Close your eyes, spray your face, and pat in with fingertips.

3. Apply The Herbal Toad's Anti-Age Serum. This is not only necessary for the benefit of nourishing your skin, but to also provide a smooth slip.

4. Commit to facial gua sha practice daily if at all possible, but a minimum of three days a week is required for optimum benefit.

Gua sha technique vary tremendously, including the pressure you use, the angle at which you hold the tool against your skin, and how quick the movements. Play with different techniques, and do what feels right to you. Gua sha facials should NOT be painful.

Tool Movement

For a more gentle and relaxing gua sha facial, use long, slow strokes with the tool close to flat against your skin. 

For a more invigorating facial, use rapid, short strokes with light pressure, using the tool angled towards the edges without using the edges directly.

Use firm pressure when doing gua sha on your neck, medium pressure on your face, and feather light pressure around your eyes.

14th Aug 2019 THT Steph

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