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  • Rooibos Tea Rooibos Tea

    Rooibos Tea

    the herbal toad
    Caffeine free, naturally sweet with an earthy rich flavor. Rooibos is known to support immune function, aid in stomach discomfort, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support healthy blood pressure, support bone health, support heart health, can...
  • Rosehips Rosehips


    Approximately 2 Cups Rosehips are rich in many vitamin C and other beneficial plant compounds and can be used to make tea, jam or added to baked goods. Rosehips can be used alone to make a tea, or added to another tea to enhance flavor and benefits...
  • Rosemary Leaf Rosemary Leaf

    Rosemary Leaf

    Approximately 2 Cups If you enjoy cooking, you’ll likely be familiar with the fragrant ingredient, rosemary, but the benefits for rosemary leaf goes well beyond its flavor. Rosemary relaxes muscle spasms and the smooth muscles of...
  • Spearmint Leaf Spearmint Leaf

    Spearmint Leaf

    $5.95 - $13.95
    Spearmint contains less than 1% menthol, meaning spearmint is known for having a more delicate flavor and fragrance compared to Peppermint. The flavor is often described as sweet. Spearmint leaf has been used for minor ailments such as headaches,...
  • White Peony Tea White Peony Tea

    White Peony Tea

    the herbal toad
    2 CUPS LOOSE Also known as Pai Mu Tan or Bai Mu Dan, White Peony is a sweet, mild Chinese tea made from unopened tea buds, as well as the two newest leaves to sprout. The freshly harvested leaf is allowed to wither dry in the sun. The natural oxidation...
  • Yerba Mate (Roasted) Yerba Mate (Roasted)
    Sale 22%
    Sale 22%

    Yerba Mate (Roasted)

    Yerba Mate tastes like tea and hits you like coffee — and yet, it’s technically neither. If you’re looking for a boost of caffeine energy that doesn’t come from an espresso bean, look no further than this South American...