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The Herbal Toad offers a comprehensive list of all natural, organic, hand-harvested and hand-crafted herbal extracts.

Tincture Blends: The herbs merge their properties in the process of maceration and enhance one another’s actions. There is a catalytic effect from this merging and blending of energies. The whole becomes greater than the parts. 

Tincture drops can be put directly under the tongue, diluted in water, or put in hot water to drink as tea—the alcohol evaporates and the medicine stays in the water. A 2 oz bottle usually lasts about 1 month, depending on your dose and how often you take it. Tinctures have a 6 year shelf life when kept free from contaminants and when stored out of extreme heat and direct sunlight. 

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  • Aller-G Tincture Aller-G Tincture

    Aller-G Tincture

    $22.95 - $36.95
    Our Aller-G Tincture is one of natures most effective combinations for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and hay fever. Aller-G helps to bring welcome relief while building resistance. This formula reduces excessive mucus, sinus congestion,...
  • Anti-Inflame Anti-Inflame


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Inflammation is the body’s natural response to a harmful stimuli; it is a necessary first step to healing an injury, however; too much inflammation can increase pain, cause skin and digestive issues, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis,...
  • Attack Attack


    $22.95 - $36.95
    Attack is a powerful herbal-biotic that goes to work to boost your bodies own fighting power while relieving a multitude of cold and flu symptoms. Attack won’t just help you feel better, it will help you get better. When you are overtired,...
  • B.P. Tincture B.P. Tincture

    B.P. Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    More than 60 million Americans have high blood pressure, and it is generally regarded as the most significant risk factor for stroke, however all the current classes of blood pressure lowering drugs possess significant side effects. B.P. Herbal...
  • Balance Cholesterol Tincture Balance Cholesterol Tincture

    Balance Cholesterol Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Balance Cholesterol Tincture includes herbs that are known to be beneficial to healthier cholesterol levels by decreasing LDL, reducing platelet accumulation, strengthening the heart, protecting the arteries, decreasing inflammation, maintaining HDL, and...
  • Candida Calm Tincture Candida Calm Tincture

    Candida Calm Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Many people are struggling with yeast overgrowth and other gut health issues. Fight yeast and bring gut flora back into balance with Candida Calm Tincture!  Candida Calm Herbal Tincture is precisely blended in small batches to prevent candida (yeast...
  • Chicken Scratch Herbal Extract for Chickens Chicken Scratch Herbal Extract for Chickens

    Chicken Scratch Herbal Extract for Chickens

    Keep your hen feeling happy and healthy with The Herbal Toad's Chicken Scratch Herbal Extract, a balanced blend of herbal tinctures mixed with apple cider vinegar. Each herb has been carefully selected to help maintain the health of your yard chickens,...
  • Detox Me & Liver Cleanse Tincture Detox Me & Liver Cleanse Tincture

    Detox Me & Liver Cleanse Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    The majority of toxins come from chemical additives in the food we eat. The liver's main function is to break down these toxins. When there is more toxins than what your liver can handle, the toxins can effect the health of your liver and/or enter your...
  • Elderberry Tincture Elderberry Tincture

    Elderberry Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Elderberry is one of the most studied and documented herbs in existence. It has been studied at length for its ability to help with immune support, tonsillitis, sinusitis, cholesterol balance, sinus, inflammation, acne, allergies, constipation,...
  • Endo-Calm Tincture Endo-Calm Tincture

    Endo-Calm Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Endo-Calm is a safe, non-addictive natural herbal remedy for supporting female reproductive health, especially that of the endometrial lining.  Like all of our tinctures, Endo-Calm Endometrial Tincture remains true to the full spectrum method...
  • Fibro-Calm Tincture Set Fibro-Calm Tincture Set

    Fibro-Calm Tincture Set

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Fibro Calm A.M. and P.M. are formulated to address the specific needs of those who suffer the effect of fibromyalgia.  Fibro Calm Tincture is a herbal remedy that is a non-conventional way of treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, and has been...
  • Gentle Digest Tincture Gentle Digest Tincture

    Gentle Digest Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Gentle Digest is effective for both children and adults.* Gentle Digest Tincture is a digestive aid for the entire family. It is a natural, shelf stable, and effective alternative to less effective remedies for all sorts of digestive issues, including...