Screen Time Eye Support

Screen Time Eye Support

With so many of us at home spending more time than ever on our devices, protecting our eye health becomes a priority. View Tincture maintains and supports healthy vision by combining herbs that are all around healthful for eyesight, including helping correct damage caused by too much screen time.

Herbs can clean, strengthen and regenerate the eye tissues and support blood and lymph flow within the eye tissues, allowing for optimum cellular respiration & metabolism.  View Tincture also has naturally occurring Lutein, which is especially helpful when looking for screen time eye support.

Lutein is known to improve or even prevent age-related macular disease which is the leading cause of blindness and vision impairment. It is not made in the body and can only be obtained from food or herbs.

Lutein is found primarily in the central area of the retina called the macula where cells change the light into nerve signals that tell the brain what we are seeing. This is macular or central vision which enables us to perform the activities thet require fine, sharp, straight ahead vision, like working on a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

View Tincture is not only helpful in a number of ways that are beneficial to eyes that have spent too much time in front of the computer screen, but can help correct a number of vision issues. The Lutein alone is extremely helpful in supporting macular health, acting as a natural shade for the eye, protecting against free radical damage to delicate eye tissue, and more!

27th May 2020 THT Steph

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