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  • Candida Calm Candida Calm

    Candida Calm

    Candida Calm Essential Oil Blend has multiple uses including use with candida overgrowth, cleaning air, use with sinus infection, and DIY all purpose cleaner. Typically, the healthy bacteria in your body keep Candida levels under control,...
  • Cinnamon Bark Cinnamon Bark

    Cinnamon Bark

    the herbal toad
    Cinnamon bark oil is warming and often used for combating colds, flu and fevers, and is also reputed to help with digestion problems, poor circulation, arthritis aches and pains, breathing problems as well as being a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic,...
  • Cleaning Set

    Cleaning Set

    Essential Oils in this set: 10 ml Lavender, 10 ml Citrus Pop, 10 ml Peppermint, 10 ml Blockade, 10 ml Lemon, 10 ml Tea Tree Not only are each of the essential oils in our cleaning set good for...
  • Lavender Dryer Sheet Bags Lavender Dryer Sheet Bags

    Lavender Dryer Sheet Bags

    5 ct Our lavender dryer sheet bags are made from all organic material and are reusable. You will receive 5 bags with 100% pure organic lavender. Place just one sheets in the dryer to freshen up to ten loads of laundry. When done, break open the...
  • Lemon Lemon


    the herbal toad
    $10.95 - $25.95
    Lemon essential oil’s aroma smells just like the fresh fruit! The main constituent in lemon oil, limonene, has been well researched and has been shown to be an effective cleaning agent, as a single drop sends germs running the other way! Lemon...
  • Purify Essential Oil Purify Essential Oil

    Purify Essential Oil

    $12.95 - $32.95
    Deodorizing a space is often the first step toward feeling clean. With Purify Essential Oil, you can diffuse to clean your space, or make your own natural deodorant or deodorizing spray. Use it for smelly gym bags, stinky feet, a stale basement,...
  • Smudge Cleansing Spray Smudge Cleansing Spray

    Smudge Cleansing Spray

    the herbal toad
    The Herbal Toad Smudge Spray is formulated to cleanse your home, work, car, or any space you desire. It can also be used to sage objects and people.  Made with pure organic ingredients, Sage, Palo Santo, and Buddha Wood.  Key...
  • Tea Tree Tea Tree

    Tea Tree

    the herbal toad
    $10.95 - $26.95
    For over a millennium, the leaves of Tea Tree have been applied to help with infections and fungus. It also helps improve blood circulation and promotes relief from respiratory problems such as congestion, cold or cough.  Tea tree essential...