Replaced & Name Changed

In an effort to streamline our product line and to help customers in easily choosing what is right for them, we will be discontinuing, replacing, or giving name changes to some of our products.  

Clear Tincture -> Heal All Tincture: Heal All is an excellent lymph mover that is one of the best herbs we know for clearing problem skin.

Digestive Bitters -> Gentle Digest Tincture: While these two products do the same thing, we chose to keep only the one that is pregnancy and child safe. 

Energy Tincture -> Sencha Green Tincture: Sencha Green is an all around natural energy booster. Also available is Maca Root Tincture, a multipurpose tincture that works well for increased energy.

Gout Out -> Kidney Support Tincture: This is another case where the two products accomplished the same means. In order to take care of gout, the kidneys must be cleansed uric acid removed from the body, which Kidney Support Tincture does perfectly well.

Thyroid Tincture -> Heal All Tincture: Heal All works well to help bring thyroid levels into balance, while being safe for most people to use longer term when compared to many other thyroid herb blends.

Tranquility Essential Oil -> Stability Essential Oil: Name Change