Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Best Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure

NOTE: It is vital that you use authentic essential oils like The Herbal Toad's, otherwise you expose yourself to dangerous toxins and will not receive the results that you are looking for.


B.P. is The Herbal Toad's very own blend for dealing with high blood pressure. It contains 100% pure essential oils of: Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, and Frankincense, which you will see in this article to be a very good combination.


Of course we already know about that triple threat, and you will see Lavender essential oil mentioned in a few of the studies we highlight today, Cedarwood and Frankincense have been tested through time to be as effective when it comes to managing high blood pressure.


One study examined how a combination of essential oils, including bergamot, lavender, and ylang-ylang would affect 52 hypertensive patients.

Scientists discovered that this mixture had the power to reduce a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, psychological stress responses, and cortisol levels. And all of this was achieved simply by inhaling the essential oils for as little as 15-60 minutes.


A study done on rats showed that a Helichrysum essential oil helped relax blood vessels, increased smooth muscle function, and lowered blood pressure as soon as it was absorbed into the animal’s bloodstream.


When a Clary Sage essential oil was inhaled for 60 minutes, researcher noticed participants experienced a 4.7% drop in systolic blood pressure and a 5.1% decrease in diastolic blood pressure. The scientists in that study attributed the decreases in blood pressure to the anti-inflammatory property found in Clary Sage, but we also know that it relieves tension and stress, which could also be contributing factors.


One recent study examined the effects of using essential oils on 83 prehypertensive and hypertensive patients.

Subjects were split in two groups; one group of participants was given a necklace to wear containing a true essential oil blend, while the other group received placebo necklaces of artificial fragrance to inhale. The essential oil mix consisted of: Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Marjoram, and Neroli.

Each participant wore and inhaled these scents over the course of 24 hours. When participants were tested after this time, systolic blood pressure and stress levels decreased, especially during the day and when participants were at home.

Researchers also found significant decreases in cortisol levels, which are often high in those who are stressed or have high blood pressure, but again only in those who inhaled the essential oil blend.

What’s even more astounding is researchers noted the effects of the essential oils for blood pressure were “immediate and continuous.” The participants in the placebo group, on the other hand, actually saw an increase in blood pressure and cortisol levels -- which is why it's important to only purchase 100% pure oils to reap the benefits.

Methods for Using Essential Oils for Blood Pressure

  • Diffuse
  • Apply Topically - oils must be properly diluted
  • Where in aromatherapy jewelry
  • Try adding some of these essential oils to your bath water, a foot soak, or directly inhale the aroma from the bottle. Just remember that while these methods are good ways to incorporate the use of essential oils, these methods should not be relied upon alone as it may not provide enough consistent exposure to see results.

Essential Oils to Avoid With High Blood Pressure


The regular use of any of the three essential oils, Rosemary, Sage (different than Clary Sage), and Thyme are essential oils that may increase hypertension, and should therefore be avoided.

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20th Nov 2018 THT Steph

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