Herbal Tea For Kids of All Ages

Herbal Tea For Kids of All Ages

Introducing your child to herbal tea early can help them form positive wellness habits. Drinking herbal tea can assist your child in better eating habits, improve hydration, teach them to slow down and take care of themselves, and make them more comfortable with using herbal teas for overall better health. The teas in our 'Kids Love Tea Too' collection work gently to support the individual and do not contain caffeine, which can stimulate a child's nervous system unnecessarily.

Considering the many. health benefits of herbal tea, there is little reason to not make the introduction to your child as a part of developing a healthy. lifestyle. Tea has been used for generations for a number of healthful results. It has been used to add nutrients, calm the body and mind, improve metabolism, improve cardiovascular health, help with memory and concentration, improve gut health, maintain healthy blood pressure, prevent more serious illness, and so much more.

Herbal Tea for Babies

When still in the stage before introducing foods outside of breastmilk, babies can benefit from a number of herbs via mother's milk. The Herbal Toad has guidelines as to whether each tea is lactation safe, but when you don't know about any given tea, just avoid it before checking with a licensed healthcare practitioner. Babies who are 6 months and older, who are being introduced to other foods, can try a mild brew of child safe herbal tea added to a cup of water or milk.

Herbal Tea for Toddlers

Offering toddlers can be an excellent way of not allowing them to develop a liking for soda and other sweet beverages. Teaching toddlers that tea can be a tasty and fun beverage is useful for when wanting them to accept herbal remedies when fighting off a virus. Hydrating and replacing lost minerals while addressing symptoms is just some of the reasons I love tea for toddlers. Also, this is the age that children start to play hard and need more to drink in the summer months. I brew up a cup of tea and add ice water and offer it freely throughout the day.

Herbal Tea for Kids

In addition to all the reasons listed for toddlers, sending a diluted cup of tea in the children's water cups for school can hydrate while addressing a need. For nervous children, make a relaxing brew like Sweet Dreams to help with first day jitters. During the fall and winter months, Superhero Herbal Tea is an excellent choice to keep their immune system ready to fight the fight. For field day or especially physical taxing days, choose mineral rich teas like Ruby Red Herbal Tea.  And for nervous belly or other digestive issues, try Magical Mint.

Herbal Tea for Teenagers

This is the age where they can start taking charge of their own tea drinking habits. If you started teaching herbs early, sit back and enjoy watching your son or daughter pay attention to what their body is telling them and what herbs they need with still some guidance from you. 

If you are new to the world of herbs, this is a wonderful opportunity to reflect the love of learning and spend time with your teen as you learn together. It's never too late! Giving these older kids the tools they need to target what their body needs is priceless, and it is planting those seeds of knowledge that they can draw on for a lifetime for themselves, and their own children one day. 

How to Brew Herbal Tea for Children

I suggest steeping the tea for about 5 minutes. This makes a stronger cup of tea, allowing you to add cold water to cool down the tea before giving it to your child. Tea should not be hotter than lukewarm when being served to children. Try avoiding refined sugar to sweeten your child’s tea. Instead, try sweetening your child's brew with a small amount of honey. Do NOT give honey to children under the age of one. Adding tea to a small amount of milk or juice is another way to introduce your child to drinking tea. As they get older, you will find yourself diluting the tea less as they enjoy a stronger cup of tea.

Loose or Bagged Tea

While loose tea is more economical, bagged tea can be more convenient. If you have a little one that is all about doing it themselves, then start with bagged tea. If you are an adventurist mom, why not have a little fun with teaching the children how to brew a proper cup of loose tea?

Note: The herbal teas in our 'Kids Love Tea Too' collection are generally considered safe for kids, but we always suggest talking to your pediatrician before adding anything to your child's regular diet.

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