How to Use Thick Essential Oils

How to Use Thick Essential Oils

Let’s talk about how to get thick essential oils out of the bottle. It can be tough to get some essential oils out of the euro dropper bottle, am I right? There are many components that play a part in the viscosity (thickness) of an essential oil. Thicker oils typically come from the resin or root of the tree, and can be difficult to get out of their euro droppers. Additionally, some oils grow even thicker and more potent as they age. Because essential oils are extracted from living plants that do not follow an exact chemical formula or an exact growing pattern, the thickness of a essential oil can vary from batch to batch.

If you’re having problems with your oils dropping from the bottle, here are some quick tips:

1. These droppers also work best when held horizontally (to the side) instead of vertically (upside down).
2. Warm the bottle by holding in hands, placing in a bowl of warm water (to prevent damaging the label put the bottle in a ziplock bag before placing in water)
3. Widen the holes on the orifice reducer with a sterile pin
4. Take the orifice reducer off of the bottle and use a pipette.

I hope that this helps you better enjoy these precious oils.

30th Jan 2021 THT Steph

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