Candida Calm

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  • Candida Calm
  • Candida Calm


10 ml

Candida Calm is a blend of essential oils that help fight the overgrowth of certain organisms that live in the gut, often causing problems within the body.


How to Use Candida Calm Essential Oil


  • Aromatically: Diffuse using 1-2 drops per 100ml water. Smell directly from bottle, or by cupping hands over nose.
  • Topically: Dilute and apply one to two drops to desired area. 
  • Internally: Dilute one drop in four fluid ounces of liquid.
  • Sensitivity: We recommend diluting to 1% with a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.


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Warranty Information

​This information is for general research purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA and. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, taking prescription medicines or are under a doctor's care. The user of this material is solely responsible for determining fitness for any particular use and complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Always research internal use of essential oils, and use them with guidance from a professional health care provider. Quality and dosage are extremely important when using them internally.
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Additional Information

100% pure essential oils of: Tea Tree, Lemon, and Oregano
Pregnancy Safe:
Child Safe:
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