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Essential Oils for Healthier Hair and Scalp

Essential Oils for Healthier Hair and Scalp

Hair is often the first thing that people notice about us. It is part of our identity, expression, creativity, and it is often considered a sign of health and vitality. Hair care products continue to rise in popularity and price, but the answer can be as simple and inexpensive as incorporating essential oils into your favorite shampoo and conditioner. 

Using the chart below, choose the combination that will work best for you according to whether you have a flakey scalp or whether your hair is oily, dry, or needs help growing, then choose a method as described below. 

-> Printable Essential Oils for Hair and Scalp Chart

Essential Oils for Growing Hair

A study performed in by Tisserand Institute showed the effectiveness of using essential oils for hair growth.  Half of the participants used essential oils and half used the drug Minodoxil, the active ingredient in Regaine, Rogaine and other hair-regrowth preparations. After six months of use, these participants were seen by dermatologists. The interesting findings: The essential oil group had less hair loss, more hair growth, and the added bonus of fewer side effects!

Essential Oils for Stronger Hair

Choose essential oils like Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Rosemary. Essential oils in the GROWTH column work well for making hair stronger, as that is one of many things taken into consideration when choosing oils for growing hair.

Consider Your Hormones

Did you know that your hormones can mess with your hair? Consider taking Harvest Moon for menopausal and post menopausal woman, Moon Time for menstruating women, or Mars for men. 

How to Use Essential Oil for Your Hair

In Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Make sure that you start with a quality shampoo.  Ingredients like sulfates, which are surfactants and responsible for the rich lather, can dry and weaken hair, so make sure that you start with a quality shampoo.  Add a couple drops of essential oils to a dollop of shampoo, mix well, and use as you normally would. This treatment can be done with every shampoo.

DIY Conditioning Oil Treatment

First choose a cold pressed carrier oil for your main ingredient. Our favorite carrier oils for hair oil treatments are Argan and Jojoba.  Add no more than a combined total of 9 drops of essential oils of your choice to every 2 teaspoons (10ml or 1/3 ounce)  of carrier oil.  Apply to hair until it is well covered but not dripping, massage into scalp, and leave on for 1-2 hours. Follow by washing as you normally would. This treatment can be done weekly.

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