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  • Alfalfa Leaf Alfalfa Leaf

    Alfalfa Leaf


    Alfalfa leaf has numerous healthful and nutritive benefits. It may help to control blood sugar levels by slowing the absorption of glucose into the intestines. As a result, it may help to control diabetes and prediabetes. Plant compounds called...
  • Attack Attack



    $22.95 - $36.95
    Attack is a powerful herbal-biotic that goes to work to boost your bodies own fighting power while relieving a multitude of cold and flu symptoms. Attack won’t just help you feel better, it will help you get better. When you are overtired,...
  • B.P. Roll-On B.P. Roll-On

    B.P. Roll-On


    $12.95 - $48.95
    B.P. is a propriety blend formulated with essential oils that that are ideal used with high blood pressure. B.P. Roll On and 2 oz dropper bottle are expertly blended  to be skin safe, ready to use, and made using the same GC-MS...
  • Bestseller
    B.P. Tincture B.P. Tincture

    B.P. Tincture


    $21.95 - $35.95
    More than 60 million Americans have high blood pressure, and it is generally regarded as the most significant risk factor for stroke, however all the current classes of blood pressure lowering drugs possess significant side effects. B.P. Herbal...
  • Balance Cholesterol Tincture Balance Cholesterol Tincture

    Balance Cholesterol Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Balance Cholesterol Tincture includes herbs that are known to be beneficial to healthier cholesterol levels by decreasing LDL, reducing platelet accumulation, strengthening the heart, protecting the arteries, decreasing inflammation, maintaining HDL, and...
  • Bergamot Bergamot


    the herbal toad

    Bergamot essential oil has antibacterial, deodorising, refreshing, soothing, and uplifting properties which make it excellent for body skincare preparations, for ensuring healthy and vital skin. Bergamot essential oil has a fresh, citrus and slightly...
  • Bilberry Leaf Bilberry Leaf

    Bilberry Leaf


    Approximately 2 Cups Loose  Bilberry has many close botanical relatives, including blueberry, huckleberry and cranberry. All are useful for improving and maintaining vision. This action is due to certain compounds known as anthocyanosides, which...
  • Black Pepper Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    the herbal toad

    Peppery, fresh, and zesty, our wildcrafted black pepper essential oil is steam distilled from sundried peppercorn fruits produced by flowering vines in India. Black pepper essential oil is steeped in herbal tradition and has been used throughout the...
  • Blockade Hand Sanitizer Spray Blockade Hand Sanitizer Spray

    Blockade Hand Sanitizer Spray

    the herbal toad

    Blockade Hand Sanitizing Spray is naturally made with The Herbal Toad's bestselling Blockade Multi-Purpose Essential Oil Blend.  It has the same germ, virus, and bacteria fighting properties as Blockade Multi-Purpose, but is ready to use in a...
  • Blockade Inhaler Blockade Inhaler

    Blockade Inhaler

    the herbal toad
    Blockade Inhaler is made with Blockade Synergy Blend, The Herbal Toad's number one selling synergy blend. It is aromatherapist blended with essential oils that are known to be used for their ability to assist the immune system, and kill harmful bacteria,...
  • Blockade Kids Inhaler Blockade Kids Inhaler

    Blockade Kids Inhaler

    the herbal toad
    Blockade Kid's Inhaler is child safe and ready to use aromatically. While Blockade Kids Essential Oil Blend kills airborne pathogens, household germs, prevents sickness, and so much more, the inhaler works to boost immunity and helps fight against cold,...
  • Blockade Kids Roll-On Blockade Kids Roll-On

    Blockade Kids Roll-On

    the herbal toad

    Kid's Blockade has many of the great uses of our regular Blockade. It kills airborne pathogens, household germs, prevents sickness, and so much more. It has been especially formulated for use with children, and works like airborne to boost your immunity...

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