Lavender Dryer Sheet Bags

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3 ct

Our lavender dryer sheet bags are made from all organic material and are reusable. You will receive 3 bags with 100% pure organic lavender. Place just one sheets in the dryer to freshen up to ten loads of laundry. When done, break open the package and sprinkle the lavender on the floor before vacuuming to absorb dirt and get a fresher vacuuming. Our lavender dryer sheet bags can also be used as sachets in clothes closets, linen closets, drawers and seasonal storage. The Herbal Toad's Dryer Sheet Bags naturally repel moths and other insects.

Lavender Dryer Sheet Bags

Product Reviews

Written by Lauren K on 26th Mar 2019

I use these with every load of laundry!

I bought this same sort of thing from another company and paid a lot more. Since I use these with every load of laundry that I do, and leave packets in the closet and dresser I was hoping that these would work as well and they do. Everything smells fantastic. I couldn't be happier.

Written by Dee on 11th Feb 2019

What a great idea!

I would have never thought to use lavender in this way. I was adding lavender essential oil to my wash water, which was nice, but this is even better.

Written by Sonia S on 26th Jan 2019

Love these

These are really great and a much better deal than another brand I was buying.

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