Heal All aka Self Heal - A Multi Use Workhorse Herb

Heal All aka Self Heal - A Multi Use Workhorse Herb

I am get regular questions about the uses for Prunella vulgaris, for which there are many. Most questions come from those wondering if it will help with a current ailment, and the answer is usually YES!  Heal All, aka Self Heal, is one of the more widely studied herbs and even in scientific studies, you see these broad lists of conditions. In fact, it is one of those precious plants that seems to do about everything. It is my favorite herb for healing wounds, as well as working with conditions of the thyroid, cancer, arthritis, allergy, acne, gut health, cold, ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s, conjunctivitis, tuberculosis, inflammation, pain, herpes, diabetes, high blood pressure, endometriosis, gingivitis, osteoarthritis, amnesia, dementia, HIV, slow or sluggish lymph, allergies, and so much more. Isn’t it amazing that even science has found a variety of effective uses for just one plant?

Heal All is just that powerful of an herb, while being generally safe for everyone. Its ability to fight infections, beat back biofilms, and help heal wounds is remarkable, yet, very few people have an allergy to Prunella vulgaris, there is no need to limit its use, and it is very unlikely for Heal All to interact with other herbs or medication.

Wound Care

Heal All lives up to its name when it comes to wound care. Prunella has been found in studies to have biofilm disrupting action, which partially accounts for its ability to help heal wounds, but in addition, Heal All can draw out infection, such as in an abscess, and can even stimulate the healing of wounds, burns, and ulcers

Gut Health

The cells of your GI tract are the same type of cells that your skin is made of. Heal All can help heal wounds and grow healthy skin tissue, including in your gut. So whether it’s ulcerative colitis, IBS, ulcers, Crohn’s, or side effects of the gut due to medications.


Several studies have shown Heal All to be antiviral, especially against the herpes simplex virus, HPV and even HIV. Like Elderberry Tincture, research shows that Prunella vulgaris prevents the binding ability of a virus, which in turn prevents the virus from replicating. Take Heal All Tincture as directed, or add it to your cold-sore salve. Add Lemon Balm for powerful herpes-fighting duo!

I love Heal All Tincture at the first sign of any kind of illness. There is no need to wait to find out if it is cold, flu, or or something else, because of Heal All’s ability to prevent the replication of viruses, disrupt biofilms, and stimulate the lymphatic system, it will be helpful in fighting the fight against all kinds of pathogenic infection! While Heal All Tincture has its own antibiotic properties, it can still be helpful if you are taking antibiotics. Studies have shown that combining antibiotics with herbs that have biofilm disrupting actions makes the antibiotics even more effective. Another strongpoint for Heal All, and something lacking in modern medicine, is that while antibiotics kill off whatever you’ve got, the body is still dependent on that fact that you need the lymphatic system to get in there and clean up the pathogens.

Lymph Mover

Heal All is great at increasing lymphatic movement, and therefore works for a number of things where many herbs cannot. Because Heal All works as both lymphatic stimulant and a diuretic, it is an excellent choice for use with varicose veins, edema, and conditions of the kidney. Use Heal All Tincture for lymphatic movement with mastitis, acne, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, lymphedema.

There are so many uses for Heal All Tincture that I couldn’t possibly discuss them all here. Let’s just say that it is the one tincture that I would recommend having on hand when something pops up and you don’t have a specific synergistic formula on hand. 

12th Aug 2023 THT Steph

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