Nutritional Herbs

Nutritional Herbs

The uses for herbs are so vast that even after centuries of use, we are still making new discoveries as to their number of uses, yet most people still think of herbs as no more than a caffeine-free alternative to black tea. Even those who have used herbs medicinally for a number of years tend to overlook the value of herbs in supporting the bodies nutritional needs. Herbs are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and because they are plants, these nutrients are in a balanced, synergistic form. Adaptogenic herbs are known to help balance and help the body gently, without any side effects.

An Effective Solution

The other things to consider when taking in nutritional support or any other supplement is safety, and absorption. The herbs in our nutritive formulas are safe to take daily, and are well-absorbed by the body. Herbal tinctures have been long used to improve nutritional deficiencies that are resistant to improvement. That is partly because of the body’s willingness to accept herbs so easily, and also because the supplement in liquid form, whether it be tea or tincture, is already broken down for maximum absorption whether taking in tea or tincture.

While tea is an excellent choice, there is some advantages of tinctures over tea. That difference lies in the menstruum, or the liquid used to extract the herbal properties. We use organic grain alcohol, which extracts the mosts constituents, making the tinctures a more powerful option. Additionally, the alcohol content helps as a fast and effective carrier to the bloodstream. What good is a supplement, even if it’s packed with nutrient rich goodness, if it passes through the body without being digested? This is just one of the ways that tincture excel over other delivery options.

Nutri Tincture and Tea

There are endless numbers of benefits to the plants in both Nutri Tincture and Nutri Tea, but we have chosen the combination of herbs specifically for their exceptional multi- nutritional support. This formula is safe for children and pregnant women, and has been used instead of standard prenatal vitamins for many women, but always check with your doctor for your individual needs. The nutrients in herbs are easily digested, well absorbed by the body, and do not cause stomach upset or constipation.

Level Up Tincture and Iron Boost Tea for Iron Support

Level Up is a blend of herbs that are well known for increasing the iron level in the blood. Both Iron Boost Tea and Level Up Tincture are plant based, liquid delivery method, and easily digested, especially when compared to many synthetic forms of iron supplements, which can fail in this respect. Both Level Up Tincture and Boost Tea will help relieve constipation, rather than cause it, like other iron supplements.

Tress Tincture and Tress Tea and Herbal Hair Rinse

Tress Tincture and Tress Hair Rinse & Tea are other nutritive supporting herbal blends. Tress targets the special nutritional needs for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Tress also addresses the nutritional concerns that are often the cause of hair loss or breakage.

Tress Herbal Hair Rinse can be used for both a hair rinse as well as a tea.

Which is Right for You?

The most important thing in consider which herbal supplement is right for you is deciding what you are likely to use faithfully. Decide first if you are more of a tea drinker, or if you would prefer the convenience of a tincture. For more complete nutritional support, I recommend taking either Nutri Tea or Tincture, along with either Level Up Tincture or Iron Boost Tea. Tress Tinctureor Herbal Hair Rinse & Tea can be taken if there are special concerns regarding hair, skin, or nails.

May you be blessed with a life of goodness, vibrancy, and good health.

31st Dec 2020 THT Steph

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