The Truth About CBD

The Truth About CBD

What to Watch Out For

We love the benefits of properly made CBD, but not all CBD is created equal.

When buying wellness products online there is a large chance that you won’t get exactly what you were expecting. When it comes to CBD products online, even more caution is needed. Not only is it important to buy from reputable retailers, but equally as important to know how to understand labeling.

According to a study done by Bonn-Miller, the Veterans Affairs San Diego Health Care System, RIT International, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that less than 31% of the CBD products online are accurately labeled, and with the growing popularity, I fear that the numbers are only getting worse.

People are using CBD for anxiety, inflammation, pain, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and so much more, and not getting the results that they hoped to get because they have a product that simply can't deliver.

While this will continue to be a matter of concern until CBD products can be properly regulated, we must do our level best to know what we are buying.

The Label

While buying from a reputable source is of utmost importance, knowing that CBD can be labeled very differently from one another. One label can suggest 100 mg and can be indicating hemp content, which is different than the content of CBD. Another label may indicate the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. This means that CBD labeled to indicate such would simply not be potent enough to treat most conditions.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

There are two different types of CBD oil products — hemp-based CBD oil (the one I’m talking about here) and marijuana-based CBD (which is not legal in many states and is sold only at a dispensary). Both varieties contain CBD, and they both come from the cannabis plant, but the two have some differences.

The CBD oil that I am talking about in this article does not contain THC (the compound that alters one's state of mind). A plant can only be legally considered hemp if it contains .3% per dry unit (or less) of the compound THC. This is an important piece of information that dispels many myths and fears surrounding CBD.

Even though CBD oil is not psychoactive, it is still misunderstood, and therefore, is not legal everywhere. It’s also important to know that the FDA has not approved CBD for any medical conditions.

What We Recommend to Our Customers

ECS is available in-store only.

ECS is a pure, full spectrum oil created exclusively for Healthcare Professionals. We have softgel caps in both 25 mg and 50 mg dosage, and 30 ml bottles that offer dosing precision.

  • made from organically grown agricultural hemp plants
  • full spectrum
  • extracted without heat or harmful solvents
  • 3rd party tested by ISO-certified laboratory

In addition to dozens of cannabinoids (including naturally abundant cannabinol) found in hemp, scientists have identified hundreds of other beneficial phytochemicals in hemp such as terpenes, vitamins, trace minerals, polyphenol antioxidants, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids that together contribute to a more comprehensive nutritional effect.

Equally important in professional quality ECS Care products is the extraction technology that is used to make pure, cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts. Starting with organically grown agricultural hemp plants, the gentle process allows for extraction of phytonutrients and natural molecules that exist in hemp plants without using harmful solvents. ECS's clean, safe extraction method minimizes thermal degradation of the plant material and extracted oil.

ECS Care products are blended with organic hemp oil that is cold-pressed from hemp seeds for additional nutritional benefits. Hemp seed oil is rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and high in balanced Omega 6 and 3 essential fatty acids (and may also contribute a small amount of additional hemp-derived cannabinoids).

ECS Care products are rigorously tested for identity, potency, and purity. In addition to the testing during manufacturing in a GMP compliant facilities, every batch of ECS products is third-party tested by an independent ISO-certified laboratory that specializes in the agricultural hemp and cannabis industries. Beyond a full range of testing for potential contaminants, we test for the cannabinoid and terpene profiles so you'll know the beneficial constituents that are in each batch. All ECS products are tested to verify that they contain <0.3% THC.

Just Some of the Benefits of CBD

We can't ignore the incredible healing power CBD oil seems to possess and how versatile it is as a supplement:

  • Reduces Inflammation and Autoimmunity
  • Can Blunt Th1 and Th2 Dominance
  • Helps with Th17 Dominance
  • May Protect Against Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • May Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
  • Has Therapeutic Potential for Schizophrenia
  • Helps with Epileptic Seizures
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • May Help with Chronic Headaches and/or Migraines
  • Relieves Pain
  • May Be Beneficial for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Relieves Nausea
  • Lowers Incidence of Diabetes
  • May Promote Heart Health
  • May Treat Depression
  • May Help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • May Protect Against Bacteria
  • Promotes Bone Growth
  • May Help with Insomnia
  • May Be Effective for Treating Substance Use Disorders
  • May Help with Quitting Smoking
  • May Provide Treatment for Acne
  • May Play a Role in Psoriasis

Alternatives to CBD

Nothing is a cure-all. While the benefits of CBD oil are many, there are always alternatives in natural medicine. Herbal tinctures, essential oils, teas, and other supplements can equal or more even be more effective options for some people and some condition. The Herbal Toad has had some very good results from our Anti-Inflame Tincture, Endo Inflame, and Enflamen.  Do your homework and talk to your healthcare practitioner to figure out what might be best for you.

1st Aug 2018 THT Steph

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