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The Herbal Toad offers a comprehensive list of all natural, organic, hand-harvested and hand-crafted herbal extracts.

Tincture Blends: The herbs merge their properties in the process of maceration and enhance one another’s actions. There is a catalytic effect from this merging and blending of energies. The whole becomes greater than the parts. 

Tincture drops can be put directly under the tongue, diluted in water, or put in hot water to drink as tea—the alcohol evaporates and the medicine stays in the water. A 2 oz bottle usually lasts about 1 month, depending on your dose and how often you take it. Tinctures have a 6 year shelf life when kept free from contaminants and when stored out of extreme heat and direct sunlight. 

  • Fibro-Calm Tincture Set Fibro-Calm Tincture Set

    Fibro-Calm Tincture Set


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Fibro Calm A.M. and P.M. are formulated to address the specific needs of those who suffer the effect of fibromyalgia.  Fibro Calm Tincture is a herbal remedy that is a non-conventional way of treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, and has been...
  • Gentle Digest Tincture Gentle Digest Tincture

    Gentle Digest Tincture


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Gentle Digest Tincture, formerly known as Colic Care, is a digestive aid for both children and adults. It is a natural, shelf stable, and effective alternative to the less effective "gripe water" and morning sickness remedies.  The herbal...
  • Gout Out Gout Out

    Gout Out

    the herbal toad

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid in the bloodstream. When it reaches a certain level, the acid falls out of solution and crystallizes into sharp stones. These poke into the soft tissues in your joints, tendons, and muscles. Gout can also...
  • Harvest Moon Tincture Harvest Moon Tincture

    Harvest Moon Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Women of all ages love Harvest Moon Herbal Tincture because it offers support in areas that every woman can appreciate. Whether you suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) at 13, or hot flashes at 50, Harvest Moon is formulated to handle it...
  • Replaced w/ Heal All
    Integral Tincture Integral Tincture
    Replaced w/ Heal All

    Integral Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $21.95 - $35.95
    Integral has been replaced with Heal All Multi Purpose Tincture. Key Benefits: Multi-purpose   Ingredients: Organic: Motherwort, Don Quai, Chickweed; steeped in organic grain alcohol.     Joyful are people of...
  • Kidney and Bladder Support Tincture Kidney and Bladder Support Tincture

    Kidney and Bladder Support Tincture

    $21.95 - $35.95
    The kidneys are important detox organs that play a key role in maintaining a healthy body. Kidney Support Tincture is a robust formula designed to support the strength and function of the kidneys, bladder and the urinary tract. Many problems related to...
  • Level Up Level Up

    Level Up


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Level Up is a blend of herbs that are well known for increasing the iron level in the blood. The Herbal Toad’s Level Up Tincture is plant based, liquid form, and grain alcohol extracted, which means it is easily digested, absorbed and assimilated...
  • Mama Balance Tincture Mama Balance Tincture

    Mama Balance Tincture


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Hormonal fluctuations are a part of every woman's birth story, and for many women, this can be a challenge. In the first 6-8 weeks after birth as the body transitions from pregnancy into motherhood are usually the most difficult, but this trying time can...
  • Mama Milk Tincture Mama Milk Tincture

    Mama Milk Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $22.00 - $36.00
    Mama Milk is a herbal supplement designed to support the natural lactation process for breastfeeding mothers. Our proprietary blend is safe and effective without any of the ingredients that sometimes upset a baby's sensitive belly when passed through...
  • Mars Tincture Mars Tincture

    Mars Tincture


    $21.95 - $35.95
    Mars is a favorite among men and the women who love them. It is a good choice for all men, not just for vitality and stamina, but also for reproductive health in general. Mars may work for a variety of men’s issues, including libido, sexual...
  • Memory Memory



    $22.95 - $36.95
    When it comes to having a healthy memory, herbs have been shown to be a helpful support to the body. The physical workings that make our memory what it is are complex, but when it comes to physical health beyond diet and lifestyle, supporting...
  • Migraine Tincture Migraine Tincture

    Migraine Tincture

    the herbal toad

    $22.00 - $36.00
    When you have a migraine, it can consume your existence. The Herbal Toad's Migraine Tincture can help with our fast acting formula that combines two of the best known and loved herbs for migraine and headache relief.  Butterbur: For many...

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